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This amazing future rave sound pack has high energy elements, intense build-ups, explosive drops and lots of unique sounds that push the boundaries of traditional electronic music. It's a fusion of techno, trance and hardstyle with a futuristic twist. This sound pack is a true volcanic eruption of sounds that will blow your mind and transport you to a futuristic rave. The intro is a slow burn, building up to an explosive drop that will make you want to move your body. The synths sound like they're from another dimension. All the sounds are like lava bursts with much intensity and energy. "Eruption" captures the essence of this genre perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to erupt on the dancefloor!
Drum Pads 24
Make beats and music with your fingers on the fly with your phone or tablet. Huge library of sounds from our team and world famous producers.
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